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<The Peach Girl> CatWalk Show Main Part 1


<The Peach Girl> CatWalk Show Main Part 2


The organizing committee of Mode Shanghai selected a group of designers from Europe, Asia and China and they created the fashion collections using their expertise, imagination, and talent in form of apparel, bag, shoes …etc.

Over 35 collections will be displayed at the special exhibition space of Mode Shanghai as well as all collections will be shown through the catwalk show on the opening ceremony of Shanghai Fashion Culture Festival.

<The Peach Girl> Fashion Show

- Date: March 13(Tue), 17:00-

- Venue: Hall N2 of SNIEC(Shanghai New Int’l Expo Center)


Participant Designers / Brand list

ALEE (Korea) – Annabel Winship (France) – Cavalier Bleu (France) – Elena Perseil (Romania) – Fermata (Korea) – Helen Lee 李鸿雁(China) – HLL Fashion 韩璐璐(China) – Judy Hua 华娟(China) – Karel Mills (France) – Larry Pan (China) – Perche (Korea) – Selene: Hee (Korea) – Sling Stone (Korea) – Soojak (Korea) – That’s Hot (Korea) – Yang’s by Hee Deuk (Korea) – Wu Xuekai 武学凯(China) – Chen Xuefei 陈雪菲(China) -Zhan Wenshu 詹 文舒(China) – Youn Ik 蒋翎(China) – Lu Kun 陆坤(China) -Liu Hong 刘辉红 (China) -Liang Xue 梁雪 (China) – Yuanqu Studio 沅趣工作室(王赛)(China) – China Academy of Art 中国美院(何元跃)(China)

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