Project Process


 Stage 1: Graphic design and Fabric production Starting from some representative B&W visual images of the film “The Peach Girl”, illustrator recreates the graphic work of 2 designs in Andy Warhol’s Pop-art style. After then, 1~2 selected fabric-converter prints using digital printing dyeing on luxurious fabric material(2 types of design in fabric) and produces around 350yards.


 Stage 2:  Designer’s group selection Organizing committee select by mid-December 2011 a group of designers or brands in France, Italy, Korea, China…etc. (50 designers)


 Stage 3:  Creation of collections Each of selected designers/brands will receive 7 yard, in view to make 2 suits of apparel or of accessories, using this fabric as main material, and creates their collections into apparel and accessories(bag, shoes…etc.) within 1~1.5 months. All the other compliments materials necessary for the creation of collection, shall be afforded by the designers, including the courier‟s cost for sending the collection to the organizer of Mode Shanghai after creation.



 Stage 4:  Completion of collections and evaluation All collections should be completed before the end of January and arrived in the organizing committee at latest before the February 15, 2012. The jury of Mode Shanghai, composed from retails, administration and industry, will evaluate in scoring and decide the winners in 1st Gold(1), 2nd Silver(2), 3rd Bronze(3).


 Stage 5:  Announcement of result and Awards The result of winners will be announced in the opening ceremony of Shanghai Fashion Culture Festival( Mode Shanghai /Shanghai Fashion Week) and award the prize accompanying some additional prize/gift. Mode Shanghai 2012 3/10


 Stage 6:  Catwalk Show and Exposition in Mode Shanghai Catwalk show of full collections created by the participants will be hold during the ceremony of Shanghai Fashion Culture Festival. Furthermore, All collections will be presented and highlighted in special exhibition area of Mode Shanghai, and each collection will be indicated with key information of designer(designer’s name, nationality, their brand’s name, Booth No, and other)


 Stage 7:  Afterward After closing of Mode Shanghai, the collections may be exhibited in downtown of Shanghai or other places such as shopping centers, department stores, museum, …etc.


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