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<The Peach Girl>

into fashion by Mode Shanghai


Shanghai, China, December 7, 2011 : To celebrate  80th anniversary of <The Peach Girl(桃花泣血記)> – the most successful and representative film in Chinese cine-art history, which was produced in Shanghai and simultaneously released in 1932 throughout all major cities in Asia: Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong…etc. To spread over the world the rich history of Shanghai`s modern art of 1930`s, via today`s fashion creation, and to remind Shanghai had been the hub of Asia in 1930`s so called “Paris in Asia”, which is today the anchor of Mode Shanghai as “Fashion Hub of Asia”.

 What is <The Peach Girl>?  <The Peach Girl> is the most successful Chinese film produced in Shanghai in the year of 1931, and is the most representative one in Chinese modern cine art.

The some representative images of the film <The Peach Girl> is re-created into Andy Warhol’s Pop-art style, from which some luxurious trendy fabric will be produced through digital printing technology. The designer`s group selected from Europe, Asia and China, create the fashion collections using their expertise, imagination, and talent in form of apparel, bag, shoes …etc. After the completion of creation, the jury of Mode Shanghai evaluates each collection by their creativity and functionality. The result of achievement will be announced and award the prize during the opening ceremony of Shanghai Fashion Culture Festival 2012(Mode Shanghai 2012 and of Shanghai Fashion Week 2012) and the catwalk show of full collections created by the participants will be followed during this ceremony. Furthermore, all collections will be presented and highlighted in special exhibition area of Mode Shanghai, and may be exhibited in downtown of Shanghai or other places such as shopping centers, department stores, museum…etc.

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