Director Bu Wancang(卜万: 1903 — 1974)

Bu Wancang (simplified Chinese: 卜万苍; traditional Chinese: 卜萬蒼; pinyin: Bǔ Wàncāng) was born 1903, Anhui, China and died 1974 in Hong Kong. He was a prolific Chinese film director and screenwriter active between the 1920s and the 1960s. He is also known by his Cantonese name, Baak Maan Chong, and his English name, Richard Poh.

Originally a member of the Shanghai cinema scene, Bu worked for several studios before becoming a major director for the Mingxing Film Company. By 1931, Bu moved to Mingxing’s rival, Lianhua, where he directed such films as Love and Duty (1931) and The Peach Girl (1932) (both with actress Ruan Lingyu).

As the war with Japan intensified Bu made several films with subtle patriotic themes, most notably 1939′s Mulan Joins the Army. Once Japanese control over Shanghai was complete, however, Bu was eventually forced to make several propaganda films for the occupiers, notably 1942′s Eternity. After the war, he was ostracized by his colleagues for these films, causing him to move to Hong Kong in 1948 where he continued to make films until his retirement.



Promotional Song for

<The Peach Girl>

launched in Taipei


桃花泣血記 詹天馬作詞 王雪峰作曲(1932年發表)







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